Train Routes: “The Rovos Rail”


“A luxury discover of the South African Territory”



Being known as one of the most elegant and luxurious trains in the World, the “Rovos Rail” allows the passenger to take from 24 hours up to 15 days journeys in the African territory. It was established in 1989, and offers two extremely well rebuilt classic trains in an accurate 19th century style. Each one of the trains can carry a maximum of 72 passengers accommodated in spacious and impressive suites. For a price, ranging between 4000 and 14.000 US$, the passengers can explore the African country visiting important touristic highlights such as the “Kruger National Park”, “Durban”, “Mpumalanga” and the “Victoria Falls”.

The trains offer different routes, being the most popular the 1600km journey covering the distance from Cape Town to Pretoria. Starting in Pretoria, it goes through Kimberley, Matjiesfontein and it ends in Cape Town.

A real luxurious and unforgettable experience only apt for the most sybarites!

Rovos Dining Car

Rovo's Dining Car

SOURCE: Rovos Rail website


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  1. Pues si lo regalan.. tiene que estar genial ^^
    Cuando he visto la foto he pensao: Orient Express xD Seré inculta 😛
    (Por cierto, iba a comentar en inglés, pero son las 8 de la mañ way! Sorry..)


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